Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The haiku below is collected from years around Carbondale. The idea of link haiku briefly is that words carry suggestions like kigo that are undercurrents; the links by providing that undercurrent add to the rhythm. More can be seen at my e pluribus haiku weblog, particularly in the section on illinois.

Sunday, October 23, 2005



boxcars on walnut
little too fast for cold hands
life, the space between

drunks' breath hangs in night -
city of new orleans train,
on its way southbound

boxcar art brings us
city statement - our snowy streets,
a silent reply

boxcars speak in french:
canadien national-
idlers cursing don't


Thursday, October 20, 2005

around town


mill street underpass -
smooth passage, a new garden
as punctuation

new kahala booth
sunset behind clocktower
exams and takeout

longbranch porch coffee,
northbound train invitation -
warm cup in cold hands

off desoto road,
u-haul storage, open trucks -
august tradition

drunken guy in pinch,
hasn't gone to class since march -
might not graduate...

valentine candies -
end up in parking lot of
abc liquors

gone over to murph,
her daughter's marching in the
apple festival

dairy queen curbside -
ice cream melts into concrete,
hands stick to car keys

fall rain at sonic
pounds roof, blows in sideways on
roller skate carhops

arnolds' meat counter
glass reflects pepper in cheese,
look in neighbor's eye

murdale post office
machines give dollar coin change
for farmers' market

walmart parking lot
war ribbons on most all cars
no shade near front door

flag discover card
to scrape icy winshield with-
what desecration?

train behind melange
slow enough to jump on it
broken glass hurts foot

in doctor's office
chair, gazing sadly at tools
that will get to heart of it?

on the scale it's assumed
that shoes weigh several pounds
and keys another


Saturday, October 08, 2005

on campus

in parkinson

yo dinosaur bones
we aren't scared of your big teeth
we're young, immortal

from geology-
"structural evidence from

we sit on shiny floor
mom's voice floating out to us

Monday, October 03, 2005

japanese garden


Japanese garden
on my daily rush to swim
one day I'll stop here

green brackish fish pond
is your world as dark as mine?
guess i'll stay on bridge

minutes ticking by
feel different to orchids
but no less precious

wasps nest in wood house
we sit with nature's danger
beside sawdust piles

on garden mulch
where firy bush meets bamboo
abandoned panties

total link haiku
every path goes inward
most precious garden


Sunday, October 02, 2005

at cedar lake

beyond the buoys
snapping turtle shows itself -

laotian family
catching fish with little net
eight in twenty minutes

fish jumps out of bucket
flapping around on the sand
just a foot from lake

swimming beach road sign:
"park diagonal only" -
learn rules, then forget

sand bank erosion-
sandcastle back into lake,
only sunburn lasts

floating past lake beach,
fishermen cut boat engine,
watch us in silence