Tuesday, July 12, 2016

more haiku

wakes up from th’strange dream,
magicians, dragons, ‘n’ castles –
‘no name road’ street sign

up devil’s backbone,
th’frog comes a bit too early,
and th’snake is ready

came back from l a –
he says it was th’prom, but could’ve
been seventeenth street

road t’ th’christmas tree farm –
at an old texaco sign,
he sees th’stud’baker

homecoming parade –
chi-o’s are telling the delts
plans for th’spillway

grand tower levee –
barge workers wave, when they’re not
fighting that current

interfaith windows,
broken in th’riots – used t’hit
th’army recruiting

fifty arrested
‘n th’halloween “disturbances” –
most from out of town

on boskydell road,
goes ninety – not listening to
th’shrill warnings ‘f th’locusts

chance t’go up t’duquoin –
he climbs on th’big main stage, where
charlie daniels played

reunion ‘t quatro’s –
only th’freshmen look diff’rent,
pizza’s good ‘s ever

they march t’ward mélange,
everyone’s a bit too cold –
then, th’kid spots santa

turn left ‘t th’smiley face,
vulture fest’s down that valley –
yellow, ‘n’ has th’bowtie