Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Longbranch remembered

Longbranch Coffee Shop gets its thirty seconds of fame.

Apparently someone from Carbondale was watching this television show, and there it was. CBS had bought the image. Which reminds me, I have images like this as well. They are what I use to remember Carbondale. And I remember it well.

At one point in Carbondale, I was a single father, and had two young children, but only half of the time. My own week was intensive. I did my best with them. When it was over, I'd give them back grudgingly. But then I'd walk down to the Longbranch - usually at night. I'd order a hot coffee and sit out on the patio watching trains. In winter, I'd stay indoors, but usually away from the smoke. It had a lot of smoke those days. It was the smoker's cafe.