Saturday, March 03, 2012

carbondale haiku 2012

deep in thompson woods,
sounds of campus slowly fade -
snake in last year's leaves

courthouse cigarette
break, newfallen snow's silence -
justice takes its time

a judge's gavel -
guard questions an old timer,
then, spring's gentle rains

spark and a candle,
a whisper and a fine meal -
train drowns out promise

for several years,
irish fest brought kids t'turley -
got rained out a lot

public library,
watching weeds grow as i wait -
japanese garden

laundromat's lint trap -
clipping i'd saved, in pieces,
outside, howling snow

cardinal hesitates -
forsythia's a good place
to see and be seen

'round hunt'n season,
the deer all come into town -
survival instinct

rur'l king popcorn stop
hundred chicks in box, some dead
big social issue

turley's snow cone hut
mango ice, reasons sunset
concert folks don't clap

protest on main street
some open windows and wave
some spit or throw cans

geese over cedar
argue about the weather -
time to go back north

twenty years, these kids
climbed slides backwards, but she says
in her town they can't

schnuck's flower cashier
might think it wasn't enough -
valentine's special

inside the caboose
sultry mem'ries gather dust -
real train's approaching