Monday, January 18, 2010

more haiku

recent carbondale haiku (2009)

veterans gave us
this moment - you swing high
into oranging trees

swing on the far right
slighly muddy ground beneath
november's best hour

fires of october
past their peak, with cold north wind,
darker restful brown

sidewalk chamomile,
soft rain, small yellow flowers
reality tea

summer fixing code
in office - in broad daylight,
dear eat tomatoes

historic graveyard
oaks, acorns isolated
by westbound traffic

love of a bottle
whistle of an oncoming train
wood park bench, trestle

inland hurricane
or whatever they call it
half this town destroyed

kid works play structure
unaware of thanksgiving
madness descending

rainy parking lot
christmas decorated lights
singing deer guards door

more carbondale haiku

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