Tuesday, July 03, 2012

cool may in turley -
let the children stretch their legs
before the swelter

jackhammer's complaint -
that wall, that ramp, ir'n within -
dust for summer term

dairy queen's curb
bare feet, ice cream in the cracks
with whatever else

getting dropped nickels
from beneath outdoor patio -
rainbow people's job

in the shawnee caves
nomads barter for hemp socks -
october drizzle

bucky's student, back
when this was synergy dome -
labryinth's weeds intrude

blistering dry heat -
sunset's grass crackling in pain,
trees beg for relief

mir'cle whip display -
walmart congratulates our
twenty twelve seniors

regatta cardboard,
fresh kind of competition -
brackish kind of wet

a judge's gavel -
guard questions an old-timer -
outside, spring rains

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