Thursday, June 02, 2016

return of the boxcars


For a while, when I left Carbondale, it was hard to think about it, and I knew it would be, so I compiled my haiku about Carbondale into this one little edition, printed it on paper, and offered it free to anyone who lived in Carbondale. It remains that way today, three years later, but I've given very few of them away, and don't really like a system where it is not really available to the public except through contacting me. It has some of my earlier and better haiku, and is not burdened necessarily by geography as much of my haiku is, since it's clear, from the start, that it's southern Illinois.

I took it out the other day, and was reading it, and decided a few things. 1) I should republish it, and add to it, a variety of things that are not represented in it, for starters, sunset concerts, hallowe'en riots, other things. 2) there is no such thing as "no season haiku" (or, to put it better, though one can maintain that one doesn't need a season for haiku, I don't want to maintain that...3) the process of adding to it, and putting it on Amazon with other publications, would be fun and good for me, though it might take a while.

So there it is - it's coming. It might take a year or two, but it's coming.

This site is kind of indirectly named for Carbondale haiku. The name and the haiku arrived at about the same time. It's not quite accurate to say the site is here for the publication. I put all kinds of Carbondale things here, and will continue to do so. I maintain my offer. If you would like this first edition, paper copy, let me know. I have people coming and going from Carbondale often; it might not even cost me for shipping.

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