Thursday, June 16, 2016

more haiku

warm ‘n’ steamy evening –
she gets th’reds from th’closet, t’plan for
t’mato fertil’ty

horn player’s fingers –
he wonders why th’lights parade
is on th’coldest night

fresh painted dawg paws –
too much time watching kids shows,
the boys call them ‘clues’

t’buy th’pomona store –
th’weeds’ve got it, but th’problem is,
th’gas tank beneath it

three a.m., amtrak
station, october evening –
th’guests wonder ‘bout th’crowds

long line ‘f cherry cars,
he tells how they held th’nats – ‘til
they too got rowdy

weeds in th’labyrinth –
tales ‘f synergy, and th’students
who so loved bucky

makanda boardwalk –
gets déjà vu, when th’old guy
talks ‘bout vulture fest

when th’concert’s ‘t shryock,
th’kids all want t’hang ‘round th’fountain,
‘n’ try t’splash each other

reggae comes t’turley –
matted hair lass says, this one’s
more fragrant than th’rest

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